For Parents

Austinhaven is a place of hope and healing for all people. There are several ways that we are here to support you as you care for your child:

-Attend our annual open house to familiarize yourself and your child with our office.  Stay tuned for upcoming dates.

-Participate in our bi-annual workshop for Doctors of Chiropractic. We invite you to join the hands on patient evaluation and treatment portion of the workshop as we equip area chiropractors to care for special needs individuals. Our next workshop is scheduled for Saturday, October 17th. Contact the office to reserve a spot for your child during the afternoon patient evaluation and treatment session 512-873-9355. Fees will be by donation.

-Read the Testimonials page on our website to hear how chiropractic has impacted the lives of special needs children.

-Call to schedule an appointment for your child 512-873-9355. Our office welcomes special needs children. Our staff is equipped with treatment strategies designed to meet their needs with confident compassion.