Does Chiropractic Work?

Testimonials from Many Places.

Bruce & Pat Logan

10409215_674390152614818_6617879248694489178_nMy husband and I have been going for chiropractic adjustments for about 30 years. I started before him because I had sciatica and my doctor advised me to go to an orthopedic surgeon. I chose chiropractic care rather that surgery and it worked for me. I am 80 yrs old and I don’t take any medications; my husband is 78 and he is down to 3. We are in good health and we take Standard Process supplements along with our care. Our daughter has been a chiropractor for over 25 years and has her practice in Austin Texas. She keeps us on track with going in and Dr. Cade’s adjustments keep us going.
-Bruce and Pat Logan


Our son Thomas was born in 1989. His rate of development was slow, but still within normal parameters. He smiled, made the usual baby noises and was a happy, healthy child. We became concerned when his verbal skills had not emerged by the age of two. By that time, he had stopped saying mama and dada. His pediatrician suggested that he suffered from global development delays. Shortly after this diagnosis, we moved and Tommy was finally diagnosed with autism in March 1995.

Prior to age 3, Tommy had not exhibited any autistic symptoms of which we were aware. However, from age 3 on, several symptoms started appearing and grew markedly worse in spite of early intervention. These symptoms included self-stimulation (twiddling a sock between his fingers), cholalia PICA, lack of socialization skills, aggression, sleep disturbances, mild self abuse, frequent temper tantrums, and lack of interest in toys.

When a friend told me of the successes her chiropractor had with children with special needs, we decided it was worth trying. The fact that chiropractic is non-invasive and drug-free made it especially attractive. The day after his first adjustment was the best day Tommy has ever had! He played with toys all day and was very calm and his interactive speech increased dramatically. He played with is sister! The change in him has been truly remarkable. Although he still has his ups and downs, his downs have been much less severe.

Overall, the improvement in his cognitive and social development has been dramatic. He is now learning to read! His participation in his general education class has increased. His classmates interact with him to a much greater extent. He also eats a wider variety of foods; and sleep disturbances have been reduced.

There is no doubt, in our minds, chiropractic has been instrumental in reducing Tommy’s autistic symptoms.
The Bauer Family — Hartford, CT
(excerpted from “Chiropractic Works!” by Timothy J. Feuling)


I started bringing my four year old to a chiropractor when a friend suggested it may help with her bladder and kidney infection. In May of 1997, Mackenzie had her first appointment. After meeting the chiropractor, I became hopeful he may also be able to help her with a sleep disorder, headaches and some eczema Mackenzie had also been suffering from.

Right from the beginning, Mackenzie enjoyed her visits with the chiropractor. She told me she felt better after adjustments. After a few weeks, we began to notice Mackenzie was able to finally sleep through the night (something she has never done before). Mackenzie also stopped complaining about headaches and she hasn’t developed any patches of eczema and our original complaint of very frequent urination and lack of bladder control has improved greatly. I am confident with continued care, Mackenzie will continue to improve.

Since we started chiropractic care, I’ve also noticed Mackenzie’s overall outlook on life has improved greatly. She is much happier and generally a more relaxed child. As she continues to improve and she continues to look forward to her adjustment, I look forward to seeing the many positive changes in my daughter both physically and emotionally.
Mari Jo & Mackenzie — Port Elgin, Ontario Canada
(excerpted from “Chiropractic Works!” by Timothy J. Feuling)